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How my son and I became game programmers – kind of
The Guardian, March 2015


How to Get Girls Into Coding
The New York Times, May 2014

Aardman gets kids coding with Shaun the Sheep game
Wired UK, May 2014

Finally, a Way to Teach Coding to the Touchscreen Generation
Wired, July 2014

Your Five Year Old Can Learn To Code With An IPad App
Forbes, August 2014

MIT's Media Lab: Entrepreneurism starts here
USA Today, August 2014

STEM's newest darling: Robotics
Boston Globe magazine, October 2014

App teaches kindergartners basic computer coding
Associated Press, October 2014


MaKey MaKey
TED Talk: Hacking Everyday Objects, April 2013

Coding, it really is child’s play now
The Hindu, May 2013

How and why to teach your kids to code
NBC News, June 2013

Programação Para Menores
Veja, July 2013

Coding for kids: schoolchildren learn computer programming
The Telegraph, November 2013

Build your own cellphone for $200
The Verge, November 2013

The learning code
Livemint, November 2013


Let's teach kids to code
TEDx Talk, November 2012


The 100 Most Creative People
Fast Company, May 2011

Programming for Children, Minus Cryptic Syntax
The New York Times, November 2011


See the Sound of Your Drawing
The New York Times : Gadgetwise Blog, September 2010


Scratch Lowers Resistance to Programming
Wired, March 2009

Scratch Helps Kids Get With the Program
New York Times, May 2009

Scratch: Programming for All
Communications of the ACM, November 2009


Creating Your Own Computer Game is Child's Play
New Scientist, July 2008


Computing: Child's play
Economist, May 2007

Free tool offers 'easy' coding
BBC News, May 2007

A Programming Language Like Playing With Blocks
New York Times, May 2007

With simplified code, programming becomes child's play
Boston Globe, May 2007


LEGO Playtime Podcast - Mitch Resnick Interview
legobuildersof, February 2006

Pareceria Da Fundacao Bradesco Com O Media Lab (in Portuguese)
Canal Futura, February 2006

A Invasao Do Robos (in Portuguese)
Epoca, March 2006

The Daring Dozen 2006: Twelve Who Are Reshaping the Future of Education
Edutopia, March 2006

Hypnotizing Machine and Other Fun Things (in Icelandic)
Morgunbladid, April 2006

Play is a Powerful Learning Tool (in Icelandic)
Morgunbladid, April 2006

Kits Let Kids Add Science, Engineering, Math to Art Explorations
Boston Globe, May 2006

Arts and Crafts for the Digital Age
The New York Times, June 2006

Invention kit takes tech design to kids
CNET, August 2006

High-Tech Helpers: Robotics 101
PARADE Magazine, August 2006

Invasion of the DIY Robots
Business Week, September 2006

Gadget Freak: The Must-Have Gadgets of 2006
PC World, December 2006


Toy Kit Builds A Craftier Type of Robot, May 2005

A Robot with Pom Poms
Technology Review, September 2005


For the Love of Lego
The Connection on National Public Radio, March 2004


Brincar de Tecnologia, Uma Ferramenta de Ensino (in Portuguese)
O Estado de Sao Paulo, April 2003

La Educación Dirigida a Crear Productos (in Spanish)
Tiempos del Mundo Panamá, April 2003


Digital Toys to Stimulate the Mind
BBC News, May 2002

Not Just Closing a Divide, but Leaping It
The New York Times , July 2002

Kids' Creativity Unleashed With High-Tech Toys
The Straits Times, August 2002

Tomorrow's Toys: Future Children Can Look Forward to a Whole New Generation of Technology-Enhanced Toys for Fun and Education
The Osgood File (CBS Radio Network), September 2002


Toys Are Made for Tinkering
Wired News, June 2001


Researchers Wire Roxbury Housing Complex
The Tech, September 2000

MIT Aids in Technology Outreach
The Tech, September 2000


Use Technology to Raise Smarter, Happier Kids: Behold the Toys of Tomorrow
The Atlantic, January 1999


New Toys Try to Make Programming Child's Play
The New York Times, January 1998

Playing Well with Others
Technology Review, June 1998

In a Boston Museum, Fish Don't Need Any Water to Swim
The New York Times, June 1998

Smart Toys: Mitch Resnick Builds a Toy Chest of Learning Tools
Spectrum, December 1998


Building a Learning Society
Wired 5.10, October 1997

MIT Scholar Brings Legos Into the Digital Age
Chronicle of Higher Education, November 1997